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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our services. Frequently Asked Questions help answer our customers' needs faster and more appropriately.

Subscription plans

Do you offer a subscription to your customers?

For all our business and private customers, we offer three subscription plans that bring savings of up to 20%. You can opt for an offer that guarantees cleaning for the next 6, 12, or 24 months, depending on your needs.

How are vouchers used?
Is there a possibility to change the subscription plan?
How do I cancell my subsription?
When will you receive a voucher?
How many hours of cleaning should I subscribe to?
Can there be a change in plan prices?


Is VAT included in the price?
You can make the payment directly to our bank account opened in PBZ d.d. bank, by wire transfer or PayPal. It is also possible to pay in cash after the service was delivered.
What payment methods do you accept?
When do I pay for the service?
How do you issue an invoice?
How do you charge a service when multiple employees work?
Does the price include a tip?

Cleaning services

Do you clean in locations like the island of Pag?
We are able to perform cleaning services in the late afternoon and evening when your home, apartment or business space is empty, so as not to disturb your privacy. In the case of evening hours, the cleaning fee is increased. We are able to provide cleaning services at the time that best suits your needs.
Do you offer a post-construction cleaning service?
Do you clean business offices?
Do you clean in the afternoon?
How big is your cleaning team?
What kind of equipment does your cleaning service include?
Is there a possibility to order your services on weekends?

Villas and apartments

How do you promote an apartment or a villa?
We guarantee all our clients to perform the cleaning service in the period between the departure of old and the arrival of new guests in the rental facility. Based on the first cleaning, we estimate exactly how many staff will be needed to clean the vacation home in a timely manner.
What does the apartment and villa management service include?
Do you manage reservations for a tourist facility?
How many cleaners are needed to clean a villa?
Will the villa be clean by the time new guests arrive?
How and when can I report bookings?
What is the price for cleaning a villa?
What does the price of cleaning depend on?

Pool maintenance

How do you clean and maintain swimming pools?
We clean the pools with robotic equipment, using all the necessary means and chemicals that brings your pool to its original shine. In our service packages you can choose pool maintenance, which includes water maintenance chemicals. We regularly check the PH value of water and, if necessary, add special products to ensure its quality.
How often should you wash the pool?
Do you provide a pool cleaning service?
What are the pool maintenance prices?


Who provides the handyman service ?
We are able to provide you with the handyman service through our sister companies Shema Bau and e-Power. The companies specialize in construction, electrical installations and perform all other workarounds in your household.
What does your handyman service include?
Do you provide emergency services?


How do you deal with customer dissatisfaction?
In case that our team does not perform the agreed services in your home or business office, you have every right to file a complaint. If your dissatisfaction is found to be justified, Blistavi dom will compensate the damage at its own expense.
Kako se podnose prigovori?
Until when can an complaint be filed?

Damage insurance

Are you insured against damage?
Blistavi dom d.o.o. is insured against its own liability in the insurance company Euroherc osiguranje d.d.
What if something gets damaged in my home?

Equipment and products

Who provides the equipment and cleaning supplies?
Our employees use modern and tested cleaning products when cleaning residential buildings, offices, apartments, villas and swimming pools. We use Kärcher cleaning equipment and professional eco-friendly products that enable cleaning efficiency.
What cleaning products do you use?
Do you use eco friendly cleaning products?
Do you sell eco friendly cleaning products?


Want to write a story about us?
If you are interested in publishing an article about us and our business, please contact us. If you have any questions regarding our business, please contact our public relations specialist. Ivana Čolak Public Relations Coordinator E: podrska@blistavidom.hr M: +385 (0) 95 533 3786

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