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Pool cleaning

Let your pool always shine!

A clean and tidy pool is a guarantee of satisfaction and return of your guests.

Today we can hardly imagine a holiday home and apartment that does not offer a beautiful pool and/or jacuzzi. In order for your guests to be completely satisfied with the accommodation you provide, it is important to offer them a brilliantly clean pool. Leave the cleaning of the pool in the hands of cleaning service Blistavi dom.

How do we clean the pool?

Čišćenje bazena Zadar


Cleaning the bottom of the pool

We clean the accumulated dirt with the help of a professional robot

Maintaining pool water quality

Regularly check chlorine levels and PH values

Cleaning the edge of the pool

Brushing or washing the edge with a high pressure washer

Dosing of chemicals

Timely dosing of pool chemicals and sanitizers

Cleaning the area around the pool

Dirt removal around the pool itself

Pool cleaning before the tourist season

It is always necessary to thoroughly clean the pool before the rental season. If the pool has not been cleaned for months, it is necessary to completely empty it out and then remove all dirt with cleaning agents and a high-pressure washer. The described procedure of emptying, cleaning, and then filling the pool with water before putting it into function is charged 1,999.99 HRK (for pools up to 32 m2).

Regular pool cleaning

Cleaning frequency

It is recommended to clean the pool 2 times a week to keep the water fresh and clean. In case of storm, wind or rain, the pool water gets dirty quickly. It is best to clean the pool twice a week because guests usually stay in the facility for a week, and the pool is used by a large number of people. If you opt for the option of cleaning the pool once a week, there is a great chance that small, but actually quite noticeable waste such as leaves, crumbs or insects, will accumulate at the bottom of the pool, and that can ruin the impression of freshness and cleanliness.

Čišćenje bazena Zadar

Our advantages

The following is a list of the most significant benefits of a cleaning service: 

  • Contractual obligation
  • Professional equipment
  • Expertise and experience
  • Additional services
  • Customer support 24/7
Pool cleaning chemicals are added to the water automatically or manually following professional instructions. However, not all renters and guests are prone to the use of chemicals. Whether it is allergy problems or you just want to offer the best service to your guests, environmentally friendly pool cleaning is the right solution. We use products that do not contain harmful ingredients, but effectively clean pool water on a daily basis. For more information feel free to contact us.

Where do we opearate?

  • Zadar
  • Biograd na Moru
  • Pag, Novalja and Lun
  • Vir, Nin and Privlaka
  • Posedarje, Starigrad
  • Sukošan, Bibinje
  • Ražanac, Ljubač
Čišćenje bazena Zadar

Service price list

The starting price of pool cleaning is 250.00 HRK per cleaning and that price applies to Zadar and Posedarje. The price in other locations increases in proportion with the distance. Emptying, cleaning and filling the pool before the season is charged 1999.99 HRK. For an official offer, contact us without obligation.

Fast, high quality, efficient

After signing a contract with Blistavi dom, all your worries about cleaning the pool disappear instantly.

Do you have more questions?

No problem, call us, chat or send an inquiry via email.

Different than others

24/7 support

24/7 support

Our customer support is at your disposal literally day and night
Great experience

Great experience

In 2020, we did 13,973 hours of cleaning. The experience is on our side :)
Always full of energy

Always full of energy

We always give 100% of ourselves, as if we are on batteries :)

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How does a cleaning robot work?

Cleaning service Blistavi domes performs pool cleaning service with robotic equipment. The robot dives into the water, collects all the dirt, and removes larger pollution. After thorough cleaning, the chemicals necessary for maintaining water quality are added to the pool water.

What are the pool maintenance prices?
How often should you clean the pool?
How do you clean and maintain swimming pools?
What tools do you use when cleaning the pool?
Do you clean in remote locations like the island of Pag?


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