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Legal actions

Professional support for your business!


Blistavi dom Zadar offers legal and advisory assistance in doing business in the tourism sector.

We have repeated numerous times that Blistavi dom Zadar is more than a cleaning service, and this service can confirm that. We counsel you and guide your business on its way to success. We are at your disposal for all legal and legal actions related to the business of your company’s business. Register your company and insure your business with Blistavi dom and we will also take over the categorization of the facility, reservations, payment, accounting, reporting of damage and other actions related to your property.

What services do you provide?

Vip usluge za vile


Establishing of company

Preparation of the complete paperwork


The entire categorization procedure in the amount of HRK 1000.00

Marketing & sales

Advertising the facility and receiving reservations


Property insurance and reporting of damage


Execution of all legal obligations

Who is the service created for?

The service of performing all legal actions is designed to help foreign citizens who are not physically able to perform all obligations related to a company operating in the Republic of Croatia.

Service benefits

Service description

Performing legal actions is a big obstacle for many apartment and villa owners. Collecting paperwork, waiting in line or communicating in Croatian is difficult or even impossible for foreign investors and business owners in Croatia. That is why cooperation with Blistavi dom is the right solution. With your power of attorney, we perform all necessary legal actions for you.


Additional services

  • Deluxe cleaning
  • Property maintenance
  • Guest support
  • VIP service for villas
  • Management of villas and apartments
  • Cleaning of villas and apartments
  • Deep cleaning
With your consent and permission, we are able to act on your behalf in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. We represent your interests in relations with clients, partners and/or foreign guests.


Professional service

Why choose us?

  • Guaranteed quality
  • Network of partners
  • Guaranteed guest satisfaction
  • Foreign languages
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Experience in organizing services
Podrška za goste

Service price list

The price of this service depends on your needs. Before concluding the contract for the service, we offer non-binding consultations, during which we together create the best offer for your business.

Fast, high quality, efficient!

For your successful business!

Do you have more questions?

No problem, call us, chat or send an inquiry via email.

Different than others

24/7 support

24/7 support

Our customer support is at your disposal literally day and night
Great experience

Great experience

In 2020, we did 13,973 hours of cleaning. The experience is on our side :)
Always full of energy

Always full of energy

We always give 100% of ourselves, as if we are on batteries :)

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In addition to legal actions, we provide a number of other services
Cleaning business facilities

Cleaning business facilities

Offices, medical facilities, banks, museums, sales premises
Staircase cleaning

Staircase cleaning

Reservation management, guest support, laundry and ironing, year-round maintenance
Post-construction cleaning

Post-construction cleaning

Cleaning after construction works (adaptation, renovation or construction)


Can I choose only a part of your services?

Before you start renting an apartment or holiday home, you need to submit an application to the state institutions. After that, the appraisers go out on the field and assess your rental facility. After acquiring the categorization, it is necessary to register the property in an authorized tourist board. After completing all the steps mentioned, your facility is ready for advertising.

How do you prepare the facility before renting?
Can the cleaning of the facility be arranged?
Can you insure the property for me?

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