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Garden maintenance

May your garden always bloom!

The company Blistavi dom provides garden and yard maintenance services in the area of Zadar and Zadar County.

Make your way to a perfect property with a beautiful garden. Do you own a holiday home but do not have time to decorate your garden? No worries, Blistavi dom is here for you. We mow the grass, arrange the hedges, plant new plants, remove weeds, water the lawn, remove leaves and branches and much more. Leave your green oasis in the safe hands of our gardeners.

What does a garden maintenance service include?

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Mowing the grass

Mowing grass on large or small areas

Hedge trimming

Arranging various fences made of live plants

Trimming and cutting of trees

Cutting dry branches and removing trees

Hoeing trees, bushes and perennials

Periodic removal of excess plants and weeds

Planting plants and flowers

Decorating the garden with new flowers

Garden maintenance in tourist facilities

Garden maintenance in holiday homes

In the summer months, guests in the holiday homes often stay around the pool and in the garden. A well-maintained garden is a guarantee of satisfaction and return of guests. For an aesthetic impression, it is necessary to maintain the hedge and mow the lawn regularly. The most beautiful rental facilities are adorned with beautiful decorative plants that need regular watering and maintenance. Do not let a messy garden ruin the impression of your guests!

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Our advantages

The following is an overview of the most significant advantages of our maintenance service:

  • Year-round service
  • Professional staff
  • Emergency interventions
  • Professional equipment
  • Great experience
We have a large number of professional staff at our disposal. We use professional mowing equipment in our work, so we are able to mow even the largest lawns in one day.

Garden maintenance equipment

  • Grass mowers
  • Chainsaws and hand saws
  • Blowers
  • Rakes, shovels and brooms
  • Removal trailers
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Service price list

Mowing the grass is charged 1.00 HRK per square meter of green space. For other services, we prepare an offer based on the extent of the work.

Contact us with confidence!

Fast, high quality, efficient!

After signing a contract with Blistavi dom, all your worries about gardening disappear instantly.

Do you have more questions?

No problem, call us, chat or send an inquiry via email.

Different than others

24/7 support

24/7 support

Our customer support is at your disposal literally day and night
Great experience

Great experience

In 2020, we did 13,973 hours of cleaning. The experience is on our side :)
Always full of energy

Always full of energy

We always give 100% of ourselves, as if we are on batteries :)

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Pool cleaning

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How often should the garden be maintained?

Our recommendation is to maintain the garden at least 2 times a month. During this period, the grass should be mowed thoroughly and weeds (should be) removed. It would be ideal to maintain the garden every week (for it) to always look just as beautiful.

What is the price of the service?
When can you call us?
Why is a properly maintained garden important?

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